SEMA 2019 Travel Costs Fund raiser

I just got credentials confirmed to attend SEMA this year in Las Vegas November 5-8th!

I'm looking to raise some money to help cover the costs of the trip. Myself and a fellow creative will be going and taking photographs as well as filming interviews with all that is going on at SEMA!

We are not allowed to be hired by brands/companies while attending as media so the entire trip is coming out of pocket and all of our footage will be publicly available for all to enjoy (with uploads every day the same day they are filmed).

If you'd like to help and also receive something in return please feel free to get in contact with me privately!


The channel currently sits at over 1,075 Subscribers. After reaching our 1K sub-goal on January 11th, 2019 and waiting 80 days for my YouTube partnership program review to be approved and monetized.     

Thank you for viewing my content.

I am writing to you if you enjoy seeing my content on this site as well as on the YouTube channel and wish to see more please consider donating.  Since 2018 it has not been a great year for me in creating content for you.   Dating back to 2018, I missed opportunities to bring you content from Large automotive shows such as SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association), PRI (Performance Racing Industry) and The Barrett-Jackson Auctions in Scottsdale, AZ as a few examples.

Traveling to these locations is my biggest hurdle when attempting to book flights for these trips.  I do not have a day job, unlike most other small YouTube content creators.  I walked away from a job that I loved in order to be a full-time family caregiver to my parents with help from my older brother. As you can guess, individuals need breaks. I am no acceptation, me going to local automotive events usually provides me with these needed breaks.

One of my goals for 2019 is able to raise enough funds to go out and acquire project vehicles from insurance auctions and to subcontract out additional production crew members help. What I envision for this channel and site has now outgrown what I believe a one-man operation can accomplish.

1) In doing this I believe it will provide good content for you the viewers and the site.

2) After the completion of the project build the end goal will be selling the project vehicle to recoup the investment costs from the project and reinvest it back into the channel. This may include additional project vehicles, equipment, tools, Travel & Lodging expenses for future event coverage.

3) Anyone who chooses to donate during a given month will be listed on all video end credits for that given month. i.e. If you make a donation in the month of February and I publish four videos that month your name will appear in those four videos end credits. If and when possible additional subscriber perks will be announced.

Currently, we have sent up a PayPal account to accept subscriptions from you are supporters Link down below.

Or if PayPal is not your thing.  We now have a  SubscribeStar account as an alternative funding option.

Subscription Tiers

We are looking into accepting other forms donations/subscriptions such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. We will update this page if and when we are ready to announce it.

Any donations from you is greatly appreciated.