Why I call bull shit on Alex Choi latest Unicorn V3 build.

By Mario GearVlogz.

In Alex Choi’s latest video, he makes the claims that his Lamborghini Huracan is street legal and not a race car it is registered and will pass smog. What Alex chooses to do to his car is his own prerogatives. From adding the Exoskeleton or as he calls it “monkey bars” or that he chooses to have a 1 off project custom build twin turbo kit from Sheepey Race be installed. I still do not have a problem of it even though current comments and dislike ratio for my video shows otherwise. I do not care.

Like the overused phrase that we’ve all come tried of hiring these days “Fake News”. When I hear him say “Keep in mind this car is fully street legal. It is not a race car, this car will pass smog believe it or not. It has a license plate and it is registered. Which means I will be driving this car a lot.” Timestamp 8:19 mark of his unveiling video.

After being within the automotive industry the past ten plus years and living in California In my humble option that twin turbo kit is not street legal by California Air Resouce boards standards. As Sheepey Race or Sheepey Custom, Inc. it does not appear on the listed database of manufacturers with issued Executive Ordered number (E.O.#) a Requirement for any manufacturer that wishes to sell an aftermarket part that is to be used on a pollution controlled vehicle operating on California public roads.

Choi as an automotive influencer should at the very least be providing correct information and not listing false information that someone may follow then again if someone that has over $32K+ to have a similar kit installed onto their Audi/Lamborghini can afford to pay to have it removed and paid whatever fines that are levied upon them.

Alex Choi’s video Introducing Unicorn V3, The TWIN TURBO LAMBORGHINI RALLY CAR

YouTuber Samcrac-vs-Dominos

By Mario GearVLogz

My thoughts on youtuber samcrac-vs-dominos over a salvaged chevy spark dxp delivery vehicle. The website jalopnik has an article on their site regarding the recent legal issues that fellow youtuber Samcrac is having with dominos over the rebuild of one of their former dxp delivery vehicles.  In my video I give you my take on this whole issue.

Link to my Video: https://youtu.be/l4SblOyW23s